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UX Case Study

News Feature for Spotify

Phones showing the news feature on Spotify


UX Designer


Figma, Zoom

UX Skills

Interview Guide, User Interviews, Wireframes, Prototypes, User Testing, Visual Design




In my UX Research and UX Design classes, I interviewed seven people who listen to podcasts on Spotify to learn from their experiences.

I found that most of the users had issues deciding on what to listen to. Over eight weeks I brainstormed, prototyped and tested a potential solution to help with this problem.

The problem

Spotify users have a difficult time deciding what to listen to. Discovering new shows can be time-consuming for the user. This is a problem because users generally want to listen to additional content, but may be indecisive and choose to not listen.

Kinds of Podcasts


news, current events, politics

Books & Series

released in chapters


comedy, interviews

I focused my attention mostly on timely podcasts.

How Might We ...

How might we help the news junkie Spotify listener find the newest content so that they can feel informed?


The primary audience for this project was news junkies who use Spotify.

My role

I planned and executed this project. Throughout the project I received helpful feedback from my UX Design instructor and my peers. I made adjustments based on this feedback.

Project scope

Time was the biggest constraint. I completed this project during an eight week course where I provided my instructor with deliverables along the way. I am also working full-time, so my time was the biggest constraint.

In addition, I had a tight schedule to recruit and interview four users who fit within the target audience.


Sprint Map

User sprint map
Home and news page wireframes

Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s
An exercise to brainstorm potential features and interaction

User Flow

User flow
How users will listen to episodes with the new feature


After understanding the steps the user will take and brainstorming potential feature ideas, I created with low-fidelity wireframes to prepare to test this feature with users.

Home and news page wireframes
Home and news page wireframes


I created a working prototype following Spotify’s brand guide and tested the new feature with four users.

Screenshot of me doing a usability test
Remote usability testing via Zoom

Guided scenario

I recruited four Spotify users who identified as news junkies. I recorded their behavior as I guided them through a specific scenario with questions and tasks to perform.

  • How might you use the “Your latest news” section?
  • How do you expect this section to update?
  • Adjust how this feed is curated
Home and news page mid-fidelity prototypes
Home and news page mid-fidelity prototypes


During the user testing sessions there were some noticable usability problems. I iterated the design and resolved the issues.

Example of an adjustment made showing two mid-fidelity prototypes
During the usability testing sessions, I found that with the left example people didn't know that the cards were swipe-able, but with the right example they did.

User Statements

“I think, for me, useful, interesting, easily navigable, makes sense within the existing design paradigm that I know from being a frequent Spotify user. And I think, it's actually a pretty great little widget.”

“But when you put that blue ring, it's like that in my head triggers like, oh, the New York Times has recently uploaded a video that I need to watch.”

“Oh, yeah, this is easier than what I was mentioning before with manually adding them to this list. So you can you know, heart on un-heart, whatever you want to be populated into this list.”


New feature was received favorably by the target audience with some issues:

  • Interactive sections need to be more obvious
  • Some users didn’t fully understand the mapping between the episodes on the home tab and the episodes in the new Latest News section
  • Media sources section looked too much like Instagram Stories which led them to have expectations that clicking them would play a video
  • Some users had issues with the feed only displaying 24 hours of content

Next steps

Continue to iterate and test with larger user testing pool.

Create a working prototype that adjusts the episodes when the sources are changed. Get additional feedback to see if this works as the user intends or if there are further changes to the design. Some updates to test, include:

  • Add a filter to adjust the time range
  • Adjust the media sources by personalized recommendations
  • Make media sources images less confusing

Slide Deck

News on Spotify case study Figma slide deck